House Washing

Your home exterior creates a lasting impression on visitors, occupants, and prospective buyers. However, environmental contaminants such as mold, mildew, grime, and dirt may coat your structures over time, reducing your curb appeal and property value.  The good news is that Brick Powerwashing of Raleigh provides specialized house cleaning services that will restore the appearance of your building facade without fuss or delay. 

Why Hire Brick Powerwashing of Raleigh for Your House Washing Needs?

Our team manages every house washing session with cleaning technicians that provide top-quality service and lasting results, without exception. We will get down to eliminating all traces of the most stubborn stains through the latest soft and power washing technology. 


Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our team sticks to non-toxic cleaning formulas that remove invasive microorganisms and unsightly blemishes while going easy on your structures and the environment. 

We constantly research and improve our washing methods to provide customers with satisfying results without side effects. Also, we apply advanced washing techniques that minimize water wastage while giving your home a beautiful "facelift." 

Suitable for All Building Types

We understand that every building material requires a different approach. Our seasoned technicians provide the perfect combination of controlled water pressure and detergent to achieve the desired results for surfaces that include stone, composite siding, stucco, brick, wood, and concrete. Brick Powerwashing of Raleigh aims to exceed the expectations of every homeowner by gently stripping away the harshest impurities from buildings for guaranteed results. 

Request a free quote from our experts to regain and maintain the pristine image of your home today!